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Make a YouTube Channel Background 


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Make a YouTube Channel 


Written By: Nick 


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In this project, you will learn the basics to creating a nice and neat YouTube background, 
This will help to display information to your viewers. 

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Make a YouTube Channel Background 


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• Here is an example of a nice- 
looking YouTube channel that has a 
great background. You may want to 
notice a few things... 

• First off, the name of the channel in 
included in the background. This 
shows the user that this 
background is custom made. 

• Second, there is an i Phone to the 
other side. This shows the main 
topic of the channel, iPhones. 

• Lastly, everything is fitted close to 
the middle because some computer 
screens won't be able to display 
what is on the ends. 

• Now there are two ways to do this. 

• You can use an existing 
background and modify it into a 
custom one. 

• Or you can start from scratch to 
make a totally custom background, 

• To the right is an example of one 
that was created totally custom. 
Most totally custom ones take 
more time and more experience 
with a computer. 

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Make a YouTube Channel Background 

Background Tm^ 

Hgme About Videos Custom Links Templates 

Bokefi -Various Colors 

Posted oy Rnapsoay on May 4tft, 2011 

Our goal is to bring you 

free, professional 

youtube backgrounds 

that will impress, inspire 

and ultimately get you 

more subscribers! 

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' y"Anifnpl :6a*9feunds(2) 

^^Automotive backgrounds (2) 

"Easi c b ackgroun ds (1 4 J 


^^ Dark/Goto backgrounds (10) 
^^ Fantssy badgrounds (16) 


* f un/ployful babqrg unds {1 4> 
'Gamer badcgrounds (23) 

^^ Grunge backgrounds (15) 
9 Holiday 69#gTC'unds-!3) 

• For a half-custom background (one 
where you use a pre-made 
background), you can get 
backgrounds from the following 




Step 4 

GoOfllE dOCS Untitled drawing A pivhIb m wjy me 

Fil* Edfl View In5*rt Formiil nVc. 

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Updated 131 Jiyi ayO try flwils 

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^^ tv^E 

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• Now you will use a program such as Paint or Google Drawings to add text or pictures. 

• I found a blank background online and added text to the sides to make it my own 

• If you are starting from scratch, I recommend using to edit your 
background. You can use the gradient tool to add effects. 

• You can also find a template online that you can add on top of your background to help you 
place things. 

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Make a YouTube Channel Background 

Step 5 

Post Bulletin 


Themes and Colors Modules Videos and Playlists 
I I 

iwl A LTJ 

abc abc 




abc abc 


r — 



Ea^ I | | 





8-bit 2 

"8-bit 2 



« hide advanced options newtheme 

Ah a I 

Background color 
Wrapper color 
Wrapper text color 
Wrapper link color 
Wrapper transparency 
Background Image: 

Repeat Background: 







Upload an image-that will display as a background 
on your channel (maximum 256K). 

Color Palettes 

Background color 
Title text color 

Link color 
Body text color 

• Lastly, to add to the background, 
you will want to change the color 
scheme of the channel. 

• I hope this tutorial helped you! 

• For more tutorials, visit 

Make: Projects user vincent has contributed a few sample backgrounds he has designed. They 
are in a PDF file at the top of this guide. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you understand this guide and use it to help your own YouTube 

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